Volume expansion

Linear expansion is experienced only by solid objects; volume expansion is experienced by all objects, both solid, liquid and gas. The equation of volume expansion is similar to the equation of the linear expansion.

Volume expansion 1

Description: Vo = Initial volume, V = Final volume, ΔV = V – Vo = The change in volume, To = Initial temperature, T = Final temperature, ΔT = T – To = The change in temperature, β = the coefficient of volume expansion. Unit of β = (Co) -1

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Volume expansion 2

Volume expansion 3

Volume expansion 4

The above volume expansion equation applies only when the changes in the volume of the objects (both solid, liquid and gas) are smaller than the original volume of the object. If the change in volume of an object is greater than the initial volume of the object, the equation of the volume expansion does not give the right results. Usually, the changes in volume experienced by solid objects are not too large. Conversely, the coefficient of volume expansion of the liquid and gas is large. The coefficient of volume expansion for gaseous substances is also easy to change if the temperature changes. Therefore the formula above is used only for the expansion of solid objects.


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